Victoria Trend House In Good Hands

Victoria Trend House 1954
As mentioned here and around the web, earlier this year we lost the Montreal Trend House after a thwarted attempt to get the property recognized as being historically significant, and thereby worthy of preservation.

Happily the opposite is the case for the Trend House in Victoria, designed by John Di Castri. Tom Hawthorn wrote an excellent article for the Globe and Mail on Aug 1, 2011 about the property, which concludes:

“The desire to preserve what they consider a treasure is worthy of praise. Five years ago, the first of the Trend Houses, built in Toronto, was torn down shortly after the death of its only owner. Earlier this year, the Trend House in suburban Beaconsfield, Que., outside Montreal, was razed. The nine that remain are testaments to a hopeful age when the future seemed full of possibility.”

On the same topic, Eve Lazarus has written an article on the house and it’s first owner, Gwen Cash, on her excellent blog “Every House Has a Story”.

With awesome owners like this taking care of the house, hopefully we’ve seen the last of the thoughtless destruction of these iconic Canadian architectural treasures.