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Photo Galleries

Photos galleries for the Trend Houses

Below are a number of photo galleries of different aspects of the Calgary Trend House collected over the years. They include a gallery of photos showing the original state of the Trend House when we purchased it in 2002, as well as some of the renovations / restorations undertaken since then. Additionally, we have posted a number of galleries of archival images for elements contained in the Trend House, as well as some galleries of the remaining houses in Canada.

If you have any information or images of any of the Trend Houses, we would be happy to include them on the site. Please send an email to Mike at mike@mkurtz.com.

Trend House Brochure
Trend House Brochure
Design sketch of the living room looking east
Original image of the Calgary Trend House
Original House Photos
Renovation Pictures
Nice House Pics
Nice House Pics
All About Sylvaply
All About Sylvaply
Supplier Ads
Victoria Trend House
Vancouver Trend House
Winnipeg Trend House
Maclean’s May 1954